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learning to be a javaScripter and an eGOist
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In this small article, we are going to experiment with how we can install two versions of the same package using NPM.

Why do we want different versions of the same packages? Consider this scenario where you want to experiment with the different versions of the same package or you…

According to Wikipedia, the cache is,

“ Cache is a software component that stores data so that future requests for that data can be served faster; the data stored in a cache might be the result of an earlier computation or a copy of data stored elsewhere. A cache hit

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Recently we had to switch from Netlify to Firebase for React hosting. Going from Netlify to Firebase, not gonna lie, is a little painful process. Netlify got a huge benefit of time reduction and a simplified hosting process. But that does not mean Firebase is hard, it’s just that I…

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In this story, we are going to create a background cloud function for pubsub google using typescript. We will be using cloud build for continuous deployment.

This will be a push-based background function that will be automatically executed once there is a message available to consume. However, you can easily…

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Caching is the process of storing data that are accessed frequently and changed less often. This will help in the delivery of data faster, thus improve your application performance.

Node-cache is one of the popular NPM packages for caching your data. Here we are implementing the caching as a part…

Middlewares are one of the important concepts in the express. Express allows you to write functionalities that can be reused while creating routes for your express application. Middlewares are functions that have access to request, response objects. It may optionally contain the next function and an error object.

Creating application-level…

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This is yet another tutorial on getting started with Expressjs. Express js is one of the popular frameworks for creating API-servers/web application in Nodejs. We can quickly prototype a new application using express. Many popular API services embed express under the hood eg: loopback. …

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